FullVision quad camera smartphone

  Sony 8MP + 2MP
Rear Cameras
  Sony 5MP + 2MP
Front Cameras
  5.7” Bezel-less
Aspect Ratio
Screen-to-body Ratio
Touch ID
  3GB +32GB

New default display, FullVision

Welcome to the new default aspect ratio of FullVision, and experience the latest trend. The Pure 1 packs an amazing and vivid 5.7”display, which gives you the largest screen possible among same size phones.


18 : 9



Screen to body ratio



Bigger screen but smaller body

The Pure 1 is no wider than the normal phones, plus its slim profile and curved design make it fit your palm perfectly.

86% screen-to-body ratio

SONY dual selfie cameras Multi selfie make bokeh effect and one-snap beauty mode

Pure 1 can take DSLR alike selfies in SLR mode. Blurry the background and make your portrait outstanding. The beauty modes will whiten your skin, slim your face, larger your eyes, etc. giving you a one-key beauty mode.

Skin Buffing / Face-lift / Whitening / Big eyes / SLR

Choose your focus and blurry degree freely

SONY dual rear cameras, shoot like a pro

Freely choose the focus and the depth-of-field.Get the focus you want before you press the shutter button. Live focus lets you take beautiful bokeh shots where you make your subject stand out.

Bokeh effect

Panorama mode

Colorful filter

4380mAh battery, last a full day

Pure 1 can last more than a full day even for heavy users. Thanks to the efficient power consumption management, you don’t need to bring a heavy power bank with you.

420 hrs
Standby Time
48 hrs
4G Call
16 hrs
Video Play
14 hrs

Comfortable 3D curved backing

The 3D curved back cover pairing with the infinity display give you a completely smooth and uninterrupted surface all around. The Pure 1 feel small in your palm, designing to be used easily and comfortably.

CNC cutting and aluminum alloy frame, a work of art

A CNC customized diamond cutter creates exquisite details. The aluminum alloy frame weighs lighter and works more durable. Here is a piece of art.

3GB RAM + 32 GB ROM, expanded up to 128GB Smooth multitask, excellent game experience

RAM is essential to the control of your phone: multitasking, smoothness, gaming all benefit from a huge quantity of RAM. That’s why we included 3GB of RAM on our Pure 1. With 32GB ROM and expanded to 128GB, you will never run out of space to store your data.

32GB for about :


TV Series





Multi wall papers, change as you click

Plenty of wall papers, will be changed as you push the power button. Bring you different feeling every time.

Smart screen shot, just need 3 fingers

Just 3 fingers, slide down to make a screen shot, and slide up to entry the camera. Just 2 fingers, tap the home key to lock the screen, and slide up or down to adjust the volume.

The reliable and super-fast 4G network

The fourth generation(4G) mobile service that delivers reliable and super -fast internet on your smartphone. Enjoy the fastest and latest technology at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Dual SIM card, dual standby

A dual-SIM setup allows you to not only potentially have two different phone numbers but you can also have one SIM for data, another SIM for calling and text, and you can more easily travel abroad without having to remove your primary SIM card.

Android 7.0

The Android 7.0 delivers many major improvements for more convenient experience and rich customizations. Over 1500 emoji, VR mode, Doze battery management, notification control important safety setting and more ways to make your android special.

Take your pick
4 color options, black, silver, gold, sky blue